Brian David Paul (b.1980) began his music career as a trumpet player, before gravitating to the pencil and blank sheets of staff paper. His performance experience offered a great deal of exposure towards programatic, thematic, and narrative-driven music. In 2009 Brian became a Telly award-winning composer for his score to the animated short “The Grandpa Tree”, produced by Eric Sperstad’s Vision Group Media, directed by Tom Decker, and based off of Mike Donahue’s critically acclaimed children’s book. Brian has continued his relationships with Tom and Eric, and with PBS Producer Jamie Hammond in a Partnership to create of a new kind of educational and entertaining superhero: Captain Equation.

Brian’s musical education has also been a richly diverse experience, having studied at schools with a large range of aesthetic and philosophical practices from DePaul University, Berklee College of Music, and recently, the University of Southern California. He is currently working as a freelance composer; including orchestrating, music tech consulting, and sound design. In the past he has assisted and provided both musical and technological/logistical assistance to J. Eric Schmidt, Megan Cavallari, Greg Edmonson, and Christopher Young.

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