New iOS Game!

I recently finished a score to a new iOS game, Irradiant! It was a great experience, and has taught me a lot about the placement of "functional" music in media. You'll know what I mean when you play it. It should be available soon, I will keep you posted!


I have been an avid admirer of Star Trek for most of my life. In fact, the ST universe probably had more influence on my desire to pursue film composing than any other single thing. So it is with great honor, pleasure, and humility, that I can announce that I have been hired for a new web series titled Star Trek: Endeavour. The main theme is now finished and can be found in The Listening Room. Keep a close eye come late 2015, and set your Phasers on Phun!

More details to come...

New Music Library!

Coming early next year, in 2015, I will be joining a select list of incredible and talented composers as part of a brand new music library: PlaGal Music. This is a special opportunity for my music, much of which is in The Listening Room, to be broadcast throughout the world!

It's a Bird, It's a Plane!!!

May 13th, 2014:

I'm very honored to be brought onto a huge project as composer, titled Superman: Origins, directed, written, and produced by Jeff Giron. This is a feature length, 3D Animated film, including a talented and experienced cast. You can hear a draft of last son of Krypton's  main theme in The Listening Room.


Better Get Your Row On!


Please check out this new and AMAZING service, coming to a rowing team near you, called Sonic Active. This is a new, innovative, and completely original music delivery model, providing music not only of a high caliber, but rhythmically matched to a rower's specific motions!! And yes, your's truly is one of the composers.



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